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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Berlin based music producer and DJ Kevin Huizing (aka Budakid) grew up surrounded by a musical family. He started playing the drums at an early age which naturally leant itself to establishing a sense of rhythm which in turn obviously helps when learning to DJ. Thus, it wasn’t long before he established his first residency at one of Utrecht’s most popular clubs. As with most DJs, Budakid wanted to forge his own sound and set out to prove his worth as a self-taught producer with pretty stellar results! Influenced by the likes of Joris Voorn, Stimming and Trentemøller as well as acts such as Massive Attack, Radiohead and Caribou, it wasn't long before the Dutchman developed a very melodic style of his own. His music could be described as the perfect blend of floating melodies with an underlying energetic vibe that keeps dance floors united in harmonic bliss. His unique blend of soundscapes has won him not only fans around the globe, but also the recognition of being supported by the stalwarts of the scene such as Sasha, Joris Voorn, Guy J and Kolsch to name a few. Having released tracks on labels such as Einmusika, Last Night On Earth, All Day I Dream, Get Physical and Audiomatique as well as playing at festivals such as lPleinvrees, Sonar (ES), SonneMondSterne and clubs such as Katerblau (DE), Sisyphos (DE), Watergate (DE), Cafe D’anvers (BE) and Melkweg (NL) its not hard to see that this ‘kids’ future is looking as bright as they come!

Hi Kevin! Thanks so much for joining me today! Where are you and how are you feeling?

Hi there, I’m doing fine, thanks. I’m currently staying in the Netherlands after spending almost two months in South America. As always, let’s start at the beginning… Where did you grow up? What kind of music did you listen to as a kid? What kind of music did parents listen to and do you see their musical influences reflected in the music you produce today? If so, how?

I grew up in Grave, a small city close to Nijmegen in the Netherlands. I listened to different genres back then, like; classical, minimal/techno, trance, drum&bass and everything that in a way grabbed my attention. Do you remember the first album or piece of music you bought for yourself?

Yes, of course! I remember I bought my first CD player in 2002, together with “Trance, The Ultimate Collection". I was an eleven-year-old village kid and this album opened a whole new realm for me! Obviously, you grew up playing the drums… when did you transition from playing the drums to becoming a DJ/ Producer begin?

I was introduced by my cousin, who was a drum&bass producer. I remember the moment he introduced me to the software so clearly. Back then, I was twelve years old and totally obsessed with games and computers! Playing the drums on computer became my daily routine. Why the name BUDAKID? Is there a story behind it?

Once, I was asked to play at a party and people asked me what name I wanted on the flyer. I didn’t have an artist name back then and they suggested “DJ Kevin”! I didn’t find that so cool (lol) so I had a look around my room for inspiration from the things I had lying around. A week before, I received a present from my Indonesian grandma... A small statue of The Buddha with some kids sitting around him. I had a look at it and came up with the name Budakid. Not written like the religion, because that wasn’t my intention. I turned it into a name that had a personal meaning to me. You are totally self-taught… How long did it take you to feel confident in playing your own music in public? How important is road testing your music to more established producers or getting feedback from friends play a part in finalizing a track? Or is most of the road testing done whilst DJing to a busy dance floor?

On the quiet, I was confident at an early age! I was burning my CDs, giving them to DJs to play in their sets. This craving of hearing my music on a big sound system pushed me also into the direction of DJing, so I didn’t have to ask other DJs to play my music anymore... I could just play it myself. Road testing is important to feel if it works in context. You have worked with quite a few artists in the past… Your collaboration with Berlin’s Watergate club resident DJ Matthias Meyer on ‘Sweet Ease’ and ‘Hybrid Society’ last year was one of the years standout Indie tracks hitting No.1 on the Beatport Chart. How do you build these relationships with some of the biggest artists on the circuit and how has collaborating with this calibre of talent changed your career in your opinion?

This collaboration started actually after Matthias wrote to me about another track called “The End” (released on Exploited). We chatted for a little while and planned a studio session because we both had a studio in Berlin. From there, we started to get to know each other better and it gave us the direction we now have for the other tracks we have produced. I always find other artists perspectives and workflows fascinating. No matter if somebody is famous or not, it’s always fun and interesting to share a studio with somebody else. Do you have an all time favourite BUDAKID track? And if so, why?

I’m not sure because I’ve listened to most of them way too much, ha-ha! But some that stay special for me, are “No Human is Illegal", “Surga” and “The End”. Mostly because of the personal messages behind these tracks, which I’ve tried to translate into word and sound. As you create more music, do you find yourself getting more or less interested in seeking out and listening to new music made by other people?

I am always keen to discover new music! What is some advice that you can give to someone hoping to make a career in music production?

Believe in your own musical creations. There is no right or wrong! For me, the aim was never to become 'successful', it was always more of a hobby that has never made me bored. Try to find your own motivation and don’t look around too much!

In closing up today Kevin, can you tell us what plans you have for the remainder of 2022? Any upcoming collaborations/releases/events we should know about? Is there any chance of heading over to Australia for a tour in the new year?

There’s a new EP coming up from Matthias Meyer and myself on Watergate records. Two tracks that we are both road testing a lot lately. There is a definite chance that I’ll come back to Australia again in 2023. It’s always one the highlights of any tour! Thanks so much for your time today Kevin!

Thanks Bean!

Links to all things BUDAKID below:

Budakid & Matthias Meyer ’Saye’ / ’System’ is released on Watergate Records

For more info on Global Dance Music Collective please follow:

Our next interview will be published on Friday the 4th of November at 7:30pm (AEST)

Bean xx

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