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Miss Melera

To say I'm excited about interviewing Kim (aka Miss Melera) would be a massive understatement! She has been a rising star of the Dutch scene for the past decade and only last month celebrated the 100th instalment of her radio show, COLOURIZON. Quite the milestone! I have been following her show for quite some time now and her sound is continually impressive. She has a distinct flavour of progressive house which takes the essence of traditional genres such as deep - tech house and techno and twists them into melodic heaven.

Kim started her massively successful monthly radio show and events, COLOURIZON, in 2012 which saw her popularity sky-rocket and was soon being booked to play all over the world at parties such as Warung (Brazil), Fusion Festival (Germany), Cinema Hall (Hungary), Katerblau (Berlin), D-Edge (Brazil) along with her residency at De Marktantine in her hometown of Amsterdam.

Throughout the mid-2010's she also released three EP's, 'Stare' (2013), 'Faith' (2014) and 'Magenta' (2016) which includes some of the biggest names in the business on remixing duties such as Dave Seaman, Jonas Saalbach and Einmusik.

Along with releases on Parquet Recordings, a collaboration with Eelke Kleijn, Olivier Weiter & Arjuna Schiks on the WEITER label, Chapter 24 Records, Traum, Polymath and her consistent vision of electronic music, Miss Melera is definitely a force of be reckoned with.

Enjoy the read :)

Full Name: Kim

Nationality: Netherlands

Occupation: DJ / Producer

Labels: Einmusika, Natura Sonoris, Warung Recordings, WEITER

Musical mentors: Eelke Kleijn, Olivier Weiter

Hi there Kim :) Thanks so much for having a chat with us today.

Where are you right now and how are you feeling?

I’m at home in Amsterdam and doing fine. Thank you!

What was the first album or piece of music you bought for yourself, and what was the medium? How old were you?

I grew up listening to cassette tapes, but I bought my first CD when I was eleven / twelve years old. Not sure exactly but I guess an album from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

What are you listening to at the moment?

My Colourizon playlist on Spotify.

Speaking of Colourizon… I love your radio show! How did the name 'Colorizon' come about?

'Colourizon' is a blend of two words, colour and horizon… Besides music there are more things in life that give me inspiration. I love colours and horizons. Look around, open your eyes and expand your horizon!

Do you remember your first rave?

What was it called and who was playing?

Of course!! My very first rave was 'Innercity' in Amsterdam 2001. A rave for 50,000 people with Sven Väth, Marco V, James Holden, Mauro Picotto, Lucien Foort.

When did you realise you wanted to be professional DJ? What was the catalyst for this decision? Was it a certain party? Or did you have a lot of DJ friends?

When I was 16, I’ve met a dear friend of mine. He brought a cassette tape with trance music and that’s how I got introduced. I started because I loved playing records and collecting music. After a few years I got more offers to play and when I graduate from the art academy it felt like the right time to spend more and more time with music. At that point it was clear enough, I got a part time job and two years later I could quit that job to be a full time DJ/ producer.

Tell us about your first gig and what year did you start?

I bought my turntables in 2002. One year later I’ve played my first gig in a club in my hometown. I thought I wasn’t ready for it yet and was very nervous. I told them a 30 minute set was enough haha ; )

There is so much disposable music out there these days, (compared to the vinyl days) do you think it is even possible to build meaningful long-term relationships with a particular track or album?

Good question. I’m still hooked to some albums but most of them are from years ago. There are not many new albums which I listen to over and over again. For example 'Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works ‘85 – ‘92' is so so good, interesting and diverse. Old but gold!

For most artists, trying to figure out their own unique ‘sound’ is often preceded by a phase of learning, or emulating others. Did you find that in your development as an artist?

Yes and no. I was influenced by some of my friends because they were the first who introduced me into that particular style. But every Friday night I played together with friends, all of us played totally different styles which made it interesting. From drum and bass to dark techno, trance and hardstyle.

What is it about Progressive House that you love so much?

I need melodies and progressive is quite driving as well.

It’s made for longer sets which I like a lot.

How would you describe your approach to building a set?

I’m always trying to create a flawless story with moments of tension.

What one record makes you ‘emotional’?

Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life

What’s your favourite club to play at in the world and why?

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was at 'Warung' - Itajaí Brazil. I played an early morning set at the garden which was absolutely amazing, and the venue is mesmerising.

Away from music, how do you relax? Any hobbies?

Watching the horizon, taking photographs, being surrounded by water and I love to cook.

Name an album to play on a Sunday afternoon?

Maribou State – Kingdoms in Colour

How has 2020 & this whole pandemic changed your views to how the dance scene will recover? Do you think live DJ streams are here to stay?

I believe music is made to stay forever. It’s the only universal language we have which is important in life. Events will come back for sure! Livestreams have evolved to a higher level and I’m sure they will always exist.

What track did you wish you wrote?

Chaim – Love Rehab

What’s next for Miss Melera?

Strange enough I’m just looking forward to being on the road and playing music loud again. I can’t wait for that!

Thanks so much Kim. Stay safe!

Thank you and you too :)

That concludes our interview with Miss Melera.

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Thanks guys!

Bean xx

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