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Selador Recordings - Selected Works 2020 mixed by Anthony Pappa Review

In a year that saw clubbers forced out of nightclubs with little to boost their spirits came the rise of the global DJ live stream. Through the luxury of ever evolving technology we were all given an extremely rare & personal look into some of the world’s top artists, from our very own home, as they sought to not only keep themselves sane but also fill our hearts with the hope of getting back to our beloved dance floors as soon as possible.

One such DJ is the legendary Dave Seaman, head honcho of Selador Recordings alongside partner in crime, Steve Parry. 2020 has seen creatives react in polarising ways to the unfortunate pandemic, with some feeling less creative due to the pressures of lockdowns whilst others like Selador appear to have thrived.

Selador Recordings has had an extremely productive year which is showcased brilliantly in this recent compilation mixed by the extraordinarily talented and label favourite Anthony Pappa.

The mix opens with the slight downtempo tribal vibe of Stereo MC’s remix of Dave Seaman’s ‘Donkey Engine’, then manoeuvres up stream picking up the pace with the ethereal silky house vibes of Danny Howells ‘Shortwave’, making way for Murat Uncuoglu with ‘Compass’. The build continues effortlessly with each passing track.

Two thirds of the way through we land on Dave’s ‘Press 1 For Human’ before turning the tide with toughened club kicks, hi frequency synths and the vocal samples of Sonic Union, Forniva & Eleven Sins’ ‘Elevate’.

Following the set’s path feels like being at a huge proper warehouse rave; an hour in and you are floating above the dance floor to the tenacious acidic riff and gorgeous melodies of Rodriguez Jr’s remix of ‘Hired State of Consciousness’ in arrested blissed.

What I love most about this mix is the way in which it hovers in and out of light and shade. It tells a story and takes its listener on a journey whilst blurring the lines of so-called genres with just the right formula. Blending Steve Parry’s ‘Fenner’ into Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic’s ‘Dangerous’ is testament to that.

There is a lot of ground to cover in showcasing the diverse range of artists under the Selador banner and Anthony Pappa does it with panache. The mixing is flawless and the arrangement is a key indicator that this was a well thought out and assembled mix lending credence to the label’s choice of curator.

Highlights for me include: ‘Loco Hermoso’ (Hernan Cattaneo & Mariano Mellino Remix)’, Theus Mago’s remix Dave Seaman’s ‘Racket Abuse’, ‘What You Make It’ by Steve Parry and the standout track of their 2020 catalogue ‘Beam of Light’ by Kiz Pattison & Micah.

In conclusion, this is the perfect way to pay tribute to the labels’ collection of music produced in a year that has quite literally made it impossible to be properly celebrated. Music should be heard loud and in a club environment, to be shared with the closest of friends and even strangers (whom quickly become friends) under the one roof that we all call home.


01. Dave Seaman – Donkey Engine (Stereo MC’s Remix) 02. Danny Howells – Shortwave 03. Ed One – Madness Dose (Alican Remix) 04. Murat Uncuoglu – Compass 05. Smash TV – Freaks 06. Darren Emerson – Sleeping Bag 07. Dave Seaman – Press 1 For Human 08. Sonic Union, Forniva & Eleven Sins – Elevate 09. Dave Seaman & DJ Paul – Loco Hermoso (Hernan Cattaneo & Mariano Mellino Remix) 10. Darksidevinyl & Balata – Boohe 11. Adam Ten & Mita Gami Feat. Diamond Thug – Face The Sky 12. Dave Seaman – Racket Abuse (Theus Mago Remix) 13. Dave Seaman – Hired State Of Unconsciousness (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) 14. Steve Parry – Fenner (Original Mix) 15. Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic – Dangerous 16. Bloch & Personna – Endpoint (Original Mix) 17. Steve Parry – What You Make It 18. Steve Parry – Spion 10 19. Made By Pete Feat. Jinadu – Beautiful Silence 20. Kiz Pattison & Micah – Beam Of Light

For your copy of Selador’s Selected Works 2020 mixed by Anthony Pappa make sure you head to the label’s Bandcamp Page at:

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